Samuel L. Jantzen, Jr. was born in a prairie farmhouse in Northern Oklahoma. He grew up loving the land and the clear blue sky. The Red Dirt Roads became a highway of choice. The Sky also became a favorite after he began flying at the age of fifteen. While attending Oklahoma State University to obtain a BS Degree in Business, he served for three years as an instructor pilot in the Department of Aviation Education. A few years later he and a friend flew both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in a General Aviation Cessna twin-engine aircraft. His interest in international business also began early in his life. Within two years of graduation from university, he became a member of an International Sales Group of an aircraft manufacture. Thereafter he held a number of international positions in the aviation industry. His involvement and interest in international activities continues today. Thus far, he has traveled to 105 countries on various business assignments. During his business career, he also found time to work into his busy schedule an MBA program at Colorado State University. While he retains his loves for the lore of the west and trails the cowboys once blazed, his life long interest in world history has taken a predominate role.  His analysis of historical events and how they can be effectively utilized to contemplate and determine likely scenarios for today’s world is now his primary pursuit.  For relaxation he enjoys reading, researching topics of interest, listening to music, and occasionally writing some poetry.